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to receive the pdf version of my research on warmth

_ “ Clémentine presents a set up that seems simple at first glance. She is welcoming the jury and spectators to gather on a round woolen carpet. A video is shown that documents the making of a ceramic oven. A joyful participatory project that she carried out with fellow students. The video explains her interest in heat and fire as a transformative culture producing process. A workbook expands the subject by combining historic facts and fictions, imagery that was found online and other elements in a unity in which temperature is the editorial principle.”

come visit KASK graduation show
with my roommate Matthias Vincent, we propose a living room for chatting, studying and bathing 
from 26th to 30th of jun, Bijloke campus, Gent

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_ "Thermodynamics is the branch of physics that deals with heat and temperature, and their relation to energy, work, radiation, and properties of matter. It applies to a wide variety of topics in science. Historically, thermodynamics developed out of a desire to increase the efficiency of early steam engines.” Wikipedia

_ “People automatically arrange themselves in a circle when they want to look at something together. This probably gave rise to the form of the arena, the circus, and the trading posts at the stock exchange.” Bruno Munari



le comité du fun / la tounga 2018 _ back in 2020 !