F.eks. AIR trajectory

A journey from Aalborg, Skagen, Laeso, Copenhagen.

“ She will begin by examining the different histories around ovens as infrastructure in Aalborg – taking the region’s industrial and manufacturing histories as an initial points of departure.

As an extension of her ongoing collective research on warmth, Vaultier thinks of her expanded ceramic practice in relation to its broader cultural and historical connections – to architecture, conviviality, community, and the social aspects that arise when gathering around fire. In Aalborg, this includes “baking, steaming, firing, boiling, smoking, and distilling” – from small ceramic workshops to the old industrial smokestacks to the prefab concrete industry – not only the objects produced, but also the different communities and sociality involved in these processes will be explored.” 


“ Thank you to everyone who braved the rainy weather and joined us at Copenhill as part of Clémentine Vaultier’s Summiting the Oven. It was great to experience the heat and power waste-to-energy plant up close by hiking to the top and taking in the tourist attraction quality of the “summit” - the view, scale of the facility, and all of its complexity as a structure. The top of the massive trash oven turned ski slope provided a unique context to discuss Vaultier’s research on ovens, heat, and warmth as relational infrastructures through her collaborative Atlas of Ovens project in relation to a critical reflection of the localized context of CopenHill. Through a brief presentation and public discussion we were able to unpack a rich dialogue on the role ovens as containers of heat play in society from the domestic, to the convivial, to the industrial. Vaultier also related her work in Belgium and France to her recent work in Denmark across industrial spaces in Aalborg and salt ovens on Læsø as part of her mapping of ovens and their uses through a showing of different ephemera, images, and books at the top of “the mountain”. “

photos by Rikke Ehlers Nilsson