- photos by Elies Van Renterghem
- some cups by Mccloud Zicmuse
- story telling with Karolien Chromiak
- documentation by May Abnet

During this Caveat Reading Room, we gathered around the workbook of Clémentine Vaultier. Initially the result of her research on heat and fire as a performative culture-producing process in the framework of the MA Autonomous Design at KASK, it follows the editorial principle of rising temperature and is in continual progress.

After a short introduction, a collaborative leak from the workbook (with Karolien Chromiak), each participant was invited to browse the workbook and then contribute to the conversation from what sparks their interest.

Vaultier compiles a research document that combines (art) historic and anthropological facts and fictions, imagery that was found online, the artist's own sketches, and life experiments connecting interests and methods such as food preparation, ceramics, and material research in relation to contemporary dynamics and discourse around artisanal production and alternative community building. It reflects on the intertwinement between the chemical, technical, and the cultural: indeed, warmth was looked at as a physical phenomenon as well as a social feeling.

This Reading Room was conceived of as a moment of exploration on how ways of keeping and sharing inspiration and warmth corresponds with relationships flowing from it.

notes on the wine, to be refined