Cuire ensemble is a collaborative project led with Marion Aeby and Gilles Remy.

Together, we explore the collections and archives of the Bakery Museum of Veurne,  warming up old tools, scanning books, bringing back recipes and trying out experiments during Assemblies of practices and reading rooms organised within the context of Emptor.

We gather questions, knowledge, ideas and stories, try our best to acknowledge some people’s work, share it with others, and document the trajectory through printed workbooks. 

“ Initiating Emptor, Jubilee continues to look into a more sustainable, balanced way of operating within the existing legal frameworks of visual arts. Emptor focuses on property relationships in the arts field.

Gathering a group of carefully selected artistic practices, research 'dramaturgs', engaged institutions and external experts around the notion of 'property' and its impact on the arts field, the project builds on Caveat's foundations in the quest for an ecology of the arts field and allows to shift attention from artwork to practice aiming for collective knowledge and insights to develop.

Assemblies of Practice are alternated with Reading Rooms and other reflection moments and attempts to publish and perform our ongoing exchange on practicing property. By using mapping and co-writing as tools throughout the reflection trajectory, questions are extrapolated to other domains, contextualised and accessible for the public.”