Clémentine Vaultier (b.1991) is a french artist based in Brussels. She freshly graduated from the master “Autonomous Design” at KASK, (Gent, BE). She also graduated from La Cambre (Brussels, BE) and Central Saint Martins (London, UK) in Ceramics and Fine Arts - contextual practice.

While mostly researching, organising and producing tools for performances and events, she is interested in anything social, ritualistic, empowering, experimental and fun. 

Her practice is transversal and contextually based therefore her projects are proteiform, of different scales, and often collaborative.  They sometimes merge with each other: materials are re-used, events are declined, ideas are confronted. Some patterns pop up here and there building an always-in-progress universe which aims to blend with the trajectories of daily life.

Clémentine is part of the scenographic collective Tempête and video production collective Kokoro.  
She is a member of Botschaft, a three-headed collective aiming to facilitate collaborative research-based practices between the different faculties of KASK.
She is also the initiative of Le Comité du fun, an event and catering supplier. 

_ Entre deux eaux, collective exhibition 03.2020-09-2020, Le Phare, Musée de la Céramique, Andenne

The Orphans of Tar, A Speculative Opera, Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2019.
co-authors: Vermeir and Heiremans, Stijn Van Dorpe, Filip Van Dingenen, Heike Langsdorf, Vanessa Müller, Julien De Smet, Epilogue: Danielle Van Suijlen.  

_Ereprijs Stichting René Bruynseraede - De Witte 2019 voor Autonome Vormgeving

_Through Practices, 27.10-29.10, KASK & Vooruit, Ghent
_Graduation show, 27.06-30.06, campus Bijloke, KASK, Ghent

_”Semi-simultaneous” collective exhibition,17.05-20.05, Gouvernement, Ghent
_“Variations in raw” collective exhibition, 18.01-22.01, la Quincaillerie, Brussels

_“SYNC!” collective exhibition, curated by Herman Byrd, 30.05-11.06, ISELP, Brussels