I am a french artist based in Brussels. I graduated from the master Autonomous Design at KASK, (2019 Gent) where I received the “Bruynseraede - De Witte honor prize” for my research on Warmth, a central topic I looked at as a physical as well as social phenomenon. I also graduated from La Cambre (2017 Brussels) in Ceramics and Central Saint Martins (2011 London) in Fine Arts - contextual practice.

My practice is fluid and transversal, going back and forth between research and experiments, speculative and didactic and diving into different sources, languages and fields of knowledge. I use mixed media and collect heterogeneous facts and impressions. They create a network, a decentralised and porous corpus of ideas and thoughts, a documented trajectory from which flow events, discussions, artworks....

My subjects of interest are often object-based, taken as material witnesses to trigger the unfolding of stories. Through observation of (art) history and iconography, architecture, ceramics, geology or food preparation, through drawings, photos, scans or transcripts of discussions, I create and collect material and articulate narratives revolving around interests such as fluidity, transmission, common, empathy, care, hospitality…

I am interested in anything social, ritualistic, empowering, experimental and fun. I am passionate about how people lived, live and can live together and how knowledge production and aesthetical gestures can be parts of those dynamics.

_ Dans ces eaux-là, collective exhibition 07.2020-12-2020, Le Phare, Musée de la Céramique, Andenne

_Through Practices, 27.10-29.10, KASK & Vooruit, Ghent
_Graduation show, 27.06-30.06, campus Bijloke, KASK, Ghent

The Orphans of Tar, A Speculative Opera, Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2019.
co-authors: Vermeir and Heiremans, Stijn Van Dorpe, Filip Van Dingenen, Heike Langsdorf, Vanessa Müller, Julien De Smet, Epilogue: Danielle Van Suijlen.  

_Ereprijs Stichting René Bruynseraede - De Witte 2019 voor Autonome Vormgeving

_”Semi-simultaneous” collective exhibition,17.05-20.05, Gouvernement, Ghent
_“Variations in raw” collective exhibition, 18.01-22.01, la Quincaillerie, Brussels

_“SYNC!” collective exhibition, curated by Herman Byrd, 30.05-11.06, ISELP, Brussels